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May 25, 2022     |     Choosing Your Cycle

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Recumbent cycles are a great investment in your health and wellbeing – but they also demand a little more investment from your wallet as well. Recumbent cycles are more expensive than traditional two wheels for all the obvious reasons – more raw materials like aluminum and chromoly for the frame, more R&D and engineering to distribute weight and center of gravity of improved handling, longer chain, another wheel, more surface area to paint, more packaging, etc. And sometimes the price tag makes purchasing a recumbent trike feel more like an extravagance rather than a necessary comfortable, stable cycle option that helps you safely ride farther and more often.

Through Synchrony Financial we’re able to offer our customer’s a deferred interested promotion which means no interest will be charged on your promotional purchase amount as long as you pay the purchase amount in full within the promotional period; said more simply, you’ll pay 0% interest on the amount of your purchase as long as it is paid in full in 12 months. Interest will still accrue at the standard rate for your account – but it is only assessed, or charged to you, if you don’t pay the purchase balance within the promotional period (12 months). It’s a great program if you can pay off your purchase with monthly payments within a year.

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