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Welcome to the world of riding ‘bent.

Welcome to the family.


We aren’t your typical cyclists. We don’t wear spandex (although we applaud those who do). And we don’t ride traditional upright cycles. We just find riding a bike to be more enjoyable riding ‘bent (recumbent). That’s why we opened Lancaster Recumbent. The mission of our small family owned business is simple: connect people with cycles that make them feel good and get them outdoors to have fun. Our goal is to provide you with a great customer experience from the time you step in the shop – a place where you can learn hands-on about different types of recumbent cycles and ‘ride before you buy’ in a comfortable, friendly, low-pressure environment. Many of our customers tell us they came to our shop a stranger – but leave feeling a member of the family.

Lancaster Recumbent opened in December 2014 and today, our shop has a variety of different types of recumbent cycles – and we’re growing! Our oldest daughter, Sarah, joined the family business in 2017 and we moved to a new location in March 2018 – a larger space (for more cycles!) located a block and a half off the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail in Marietta, PA. We’d love to have you stop by and visit the shop where we offer rides for all of life’s cycles. We can show you our new and used semi-recumbent and recumbent cycles and talk about solutions to customize and adapt a cycle to your specific needs. We’re also experienced and certified in adapting cycles for those with special needs. If you have a will to ride a bike, we’ll help you get there. Lastly, we offer repairs and maintenance for practically anything with wheels – from recumbent to traditional upright cycles, from strollers to wheelchairs and walkers.

Scott Barrows
Owner, Mechanic and Adaptive Specialist

Scott stumbled upon recumbent riding while in Colorado for a work trip and hasn’t looked back. He found riding ‘bent’ to be just the thing he was looking for – a fitness alternative to running and walking that would help him continue his 150 lb weight loss journey, be easy on the knees, and get him outdoors. Upon returning home to Lancaster County, he visited numerous local cycle shops looking for recumbent cycles to test ride. Although the shops were willing to order any recumbent cycle he wanted to purchase, they didn’t have any in-stock to test ride. It’s with this experience Scott, and his wife, Diane, decided to open a cycle shop. Their goal was to deliver a great recumbent buying experience – a shop where you could test ride different types of two and three wheel recumbent cycles in different riding environments. Scott loves his ‘retirement gig’ and building and tinkering with cycles. He’s is a Barnett Bicycle Institute certified bicycle mechanic and Bicycle Safety Instructor certified by League of American Bicyclists.

Diane Barrows

Diane has over 40-years’ experience in education, training, human resources and business administration. Raised in Lancaster with family in the area, she was ecstatic when she and Scott decided 11 years ago to return to Lancaster from the Philly suburbs. Today Diane works part-time at Lancaster General Hospital as an administrative assistant to the Ambulatory Collaborative Care Team and of course, co-owns the shop. She’s happy their business is growing and that Sarah and Rosie have jumped on board to run the shop for the next generation. When not working for LGH, you can find her at the shop, helping people find their perfect cycle and helping to manage the business’ finances.

Lancaster Recumbent - Staff, Sarah
Owner, Operations & Marketing

Sarah has been head over heels for cycling since she was a little kid – literally. The first time Scott took her out riding without training wheels, she went over a curb and flipped over her handlebars (no injury or stitches resulted!). Although she was always on her bike as a kid she hasn’t made much time for biking as an adult. After college she moved to the Tampa Bay area and worked in R&D as a Chemist, later moving into Marketing and completing her MBA at the University of Florida. When she did make time for riding she loved being out on the Pinellas Trail or at Lake Seminole Park. Sarah was a Global Marketing Director living in Dublin, Ireland before she decided it was time to leave her corporate gig and move back to Pennsylvania to work with the family. Today, Sarah is responsible for developing a rich customer experience – from helpful content on the website to an informative visit to the shop. She also manages all the day to day operations and makes sure things run smoothly.

Mechanic & Sales Associate

Suzy first met Scott and Diane years ago when she purchased her first recumbent trike, a Terra Trike Rover. Today she’s on her fourth trike, a Catrike eCAT Villager, and loves riding with her dog, Dobby. Suzy builds bikes and helps with repairs, but really enjoys anytime she can get out of the shop and take customers on a test ride.

Shop Dog

Clementine is an English Bulldog who is the family pet and shop dog. She spends her days at the shop greeting customers as they come in the door, sitting in the front window, and sleeping in the back office. She loves back, butt, and belly rubs and isn’t shy about asking for your attention! Should you plan to visit the shop and have an aversion to dogs or are bringing your own dog into the shop, please let us know in advance as we’ll put her on a leash or take her out for a walk.

Thank A Vet Participant Logo

We Love Our Veterans

Proud participant of the ‘Thank A Vet’ program

I am living my dream and thanking those that defend it. Opening and owning my own business was something I often thought about. And after over 40 years working in corporate America, what started as a “back of the napkin business plan” is now my very own recumbent cycle shop. I’ve got a lot of people to thank for their support of my dream – my wife, Diane, family, friends, mentors – the list is long. But beyond those that have helped me develop my business plan, design logos and websites, paint walls, and put together bikes are those that secure the American dream. It’s the men and women in our armed forces that fight every day to keep us safe and support the many freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis – including the freedom to open a new business at 61 years young. For all they sacrifice, I am eternally grateful. That’s why I want to say Thank You to all who have served.

I am happy to announce that Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster is a participating vendor of Lancaster County’s “Thank A Vet” Program.

I aim to give any service man or woman an opportunity for a comfortable bike ride – including those that have been wounded and aren’t able to ride traditional foot powered cycles. That’s why we carry a variety of adaptive cycles, including hand cycles, great for recovery or recreation. Everyone, regardless of ability, should be able to enjoy the freedom of a bike ride. It’s a freedom worth fighting for. As a participating vendor of Lancaster County’s “Thank A Vet” Program, Recumbent Cycles of

Lancaster will give any registered armed forces veteran with a Lancaster County Veteran ID card a 5% discount on any New Cycle Purchase (one time only).

Thank you Vets… we salute you!