At Your Service

Lancaster Recumbent is a full-service cycle shop. Not only will we help you find the recumbent cycle of your dreams, we’re here to help you keep it well maintained. Afterall, a well maintained cycle is a safe cycle. We’re experienced recumbent cycle riders, trained service professionals and accredited members of both The Bike Shop Advantage and the National Bicycle Dealer Association. Our team has completed accredited cycle mechanic training at Barnett Bicycle Institute – so you can breathe easy knowing you and your cycle are in good hands.

Maintenance & Repairs

Labor Description Price
Labor: Service – Safety Check $39.99
Labor: Service – Bike Standard Tune-Up $139.99
Labor: Service – Trike Standard Tune-Up $179.99
Labor: Service – Overhaul $279.99

Ala Carte Repairs & Services (Prices are subject to change at any time without written or verbal notice).

Labor Description Price
Labor: Accessory Install – Chain Tensioner/ Gobbler $25.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Computer $25.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Head/ Neckrest $15.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Hitch Rack $75.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Lights (Battery Operated) $25.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Mirror $20.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Rear Rack $30.00
Labor: Accessory Install – Tannus Tires $75.00
Labor: Bottom Bracket – Adjust Cups/ Tighten $25.00
Labor: Bottom Bracket – Clean and Lubricate $40.00
Labor: Bottom Bracket – Change Cartridge $45.00
Labor: Bottom Bracket – Serviceable $45.00
Labor: Bottom Bracket – Overhaul $85.00
Labor: Bottom Bracket – Reface/ Tap Shell $20.00
Labor: Brake – Rim Brake Adjustment $25.00
Labor: Brake – Disc Brake Adjustment $25.00
Labor: Brake – Disc Rotor True $45.00
Labor: Brake – Brake Cable Remove, Replace, & Adjust $25.00
Labor: Brake – Cable Housing Remove, Replace, & Adjust $30.00
Labor: Brake – Service Cable Replacement $5.00
Labor: Brake – Hydraulic Flush $50.00
Labor: Brake – Hydraulic Line Replacement $85.00
Labor: Brake – Install Dual Control Brake Lever $50.00
Labor: Brake – Rim Brake Pad Replace & Adjust $30.00
Labor: Brake – Disc Brake Pad Replace & Adjust $30.00
Labor: Cassette – Installation $50.00
Labor: Chain – Clean & Lubricate $35.00
Labor: Chain – Repair Broken Link $25.00
Labor: Chain – Replacement $35.00
Labor: Crankset – Install New Single Piece Arms $20.00
Labor: Crankset – Install New 2 Piece Arms $25.00
Labor: Crankset – Replace Cog $30.00
Labor: Cycle Build $85.00
Labor: Cycle Clean $30.00
Labor: Cycle Clean Extreme $85.00
Labor: Derailleur Adjustment – Front $25.00
Labor: Derailleur Adjustment – Rear $25.00
Labor: Derailleur Replacement – Front $40.00
Labor: Derailleur Replacement – Rear $40.00
Labor: Fork – Align Dropouts $85.00
Labor: Headset – Clean and Lubricate $25.00
Labor: Headset – Change Cartridge $25.00
Labor: Headset – Change & Pack Bearings/ Retainer $30.00
Labor: Headset – Rebuild/ Replace $50.00
Labor: Hourly Electronic Service Rate $115.00
Labor: Hourly Service Rate $85.00
Labor: Pedals – Remove/ Install New Pedals/ Extenders $15.00
Labor: Pedals – Rethread Crank $50.00
Labor: Power Assist Motor – Catrike Bosch eKIT Install $300.00
Labor: Power Assist Motor – EBO/ Bafang Hub Install $300.00
Labor: Power Assist Motor – EBO/ Bafang Mid Drive Install $300.00
Labor: Power Assist Motor – Terra Trike Bosch Boost Kit Install $300.00
Labor: Power Assist Motor – Bosch Software Update $100.00
Labor: Power Assist Motor – Shimano Software Update $100.00
Labor: Rim – Wheel Build $100.00
Labor: Seat – Install Seat $15.00
Labor: Seat – Install Seat Mesh/ Pads $15.00
Labor: Shifter – Secure & Align/ Adjust $35.00
Labor: Shifter – Shift Cable Remove, Replace, & Adjust $25.00
Labor: Shifter – Cable Housing Remove, Replace, & Adjust $30.00
Labor: Shifter – Service Cable Replacement $5.00
Labor: Shifter – Install New Shift Control $45.00
Labor: Shifter – Rebuild Shift Control $45.00
Labor: Shifter – Relocate $50.00
Labor: Shifter – Electronic Setup (i.e. Automatic iQ) $200.00
Labor: Spoke Repair (per spoke) $20.00
Labor: Steering – Align & Adjust Handlebars $15.00
Labor: Steering – Align & Adjust Tie Rod – Standard $35.00
Labor: Steering – Align & Adjust Tie Rod – Rack & Pinion $75.00
Labor: Suspension – Air Cylinder Pump & Adjust $85.00
Labor: Suspension – Elastomer Changeout $85.00
Labor: Suspension – Hydraulic Flush & Prime Market
Labor: Tire – Flat Tire/ Tire Change – Non Drive Hub $20.00
Labor: Tire – Flat Tire/ Tire Change – Drive Hub $25.00
Labor: Tire – Tire Off Cycle $15.00
Labor: Tube – Valve Core Replacement $15.00
Labor: Wheel – Standard True $35.00
Labor: Wheel – Performance True $50.00

Custom Retrofits

Love your cycle but wish you could make a few changes? Tell us what you’d like to change and we’ll work to identify and source the right components to retrofit them to your cycle. Whether you want to do something simple, like change pedals or shifters, or something more challenging like upgrading to power assist, overhauling your gear system, or adding an elliptical crank, we’ll help you take your cycle to the next level.

Other Services – Sell Your Used Cycle Under Consignment

Ready for a new cycle? Lancaster Recumbent will help you sell your old cycle! For a commission you can consign, or give Lancaster Recumbent permission to sell, your cycle as your selling agent. We’ll take care of all the nitty gritty details – from writing and posting ads across a variety of networks (including the thousands of people who visit our website annually) to responding to prospect inquiries, facilitating and fitting test rides, and tracking down your money.  We’ll do all the work and write you a check for the agreed upon sales price, less our commission, when your cycle is sold. Our commission is 40%, or 30% if you purchase a new cycle from us.

*Prices are subject to change without notice, written or otherwise.