Cycle Specifications

  • Information and specifications for each of the cycles listed on our website has been compiled based on information provided by the manufacturers.
  • Specifications and components are subject to change without notice.

Test Riding

  • Cycles available for test riding may change based on inventory levels; please contact Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster prior to your visit to confirm cycle availability
  • All customers who wish to test ride a cycle must sign the Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster Liability Waiver & Photo Release form and wear the provided helmet and safety vest.
  • Customers are permitted to test ride cycles only in designated test ride areas and must adhere to all traffic and bicycle safety laws.
  • Test rides should be limited to 15 minutes per cycle; should a customer want a longer test ride, they should inquire about renting the cycle.


  • Pricing is based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP.
  • Some cycles shipped from Europe may have additional pass through shipping costs which are added to the price of the cycle.
  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster charges a $125 Ecological, Liability, and Fitting (ELF) fee to every new cycle sold; this fee covers cost associated with sale of the cycle:
    • Ecological recycling fee for cycle shipping materials (cardboard, plastic bags, etc)
    • Liability insurance for test riding
    • Fitting customer to cycle once purchase is made
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster does not extend any lines of credit.
  • However, customers can apply for financing through Synchrony Financial
    • Synchrony Financial offers a 12 month, deferred interest financing program for purchases of $200 or more to qualified applicants
    • Application process happens in-store at time of purchase and credit decisions are made by Synchrony in minutes
    • Applicants must reside in the US and be 18 years of age of older to apply; applicant (including joint-applicants) must provide two forms of ID for verification
      • Primary ID: driver’s license, state ID, passport, Resident Alien/ Green Card, military ID
      • Secondary ID: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Department Store Cards, Gas Cards (must show customers name and expiration date)
    • $0 interest if balance is paid in full within 12 months; interest at the rate of 29.99% will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the balance is not paid in full before the end of the 12 month period.
    • Please contact Synchrony Financial directly with any questions: 1-866-419-4096

Cycle Sales – All cycle sales, new and used, are final.

Used Cycle Sales

  • Used cycles are the property of their original owners, not Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster (used cycles are sold on ‘consignment’).
  • Pricing of used cycles is set by original owners; any offers for below less than stated price need to be agreed to by the original owners.
  • All cycles are sold in ‘as is’ condition.
  • There is no warranty or implied guarantee on used cycles by Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster. The buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of a used cycle before a purchase is made (caveat emptor).
  • All used cycle sales are cash sale only and are final.
  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster will not performance any adjustments or alterations to the used cycle until the product is purchased.

Special Orders

  • While we do have an extensive inventory, it’s impossible to carry all makes, models, configurations, and colors of recumbent cycles.
  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster can special order a cycle once we confirm cycle details and construct a quote. Extra shipping charges may apply, especially on overseas orders.
  • Once the quote is signed-off, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to place the special order. The balance is due once the cycle arrives at the shop and is ready for pick-up.

Returns & Exchanges

  • New or used cycles, special orders, and specially priced or sale items are not eligible for return.
  • Sales of specially priced merchandise or sale items are non-returnable.
  • Frames, drivetrain, and power assist motors and batteries must be evaluated for performance prior to return as items of this nature are under warranty by the manufacturer. Returns are only granted if the manufacturer agrees to return.
  • Returns must be made within 30 ​calendar days from the date of purchase. To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition it was purchased. The item must be in the original packaging accompanied by proof of purchase, e.g. original receipt.
  • Exchanges must be made within 30 ​calendar days from the date of purchase. To be eligible for an exchange, the item must be unused and in the same condition it was purchased. The item must be in the original packaging accompanied by proof of purchase, e.g. original receipt. Item can be exchanged for same model or model of equal value depending on in-stock inventory.

First Year Service

  • Comfort adjustments and servicing are included in the purchase of any new cycle from Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster for the first year.
  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster will cover all servicing costs with the exception of flat tires and user error or lack of ‘common sense’, including but not limited to: damage from improper cycle folding, pedaling backwards while shifting, damage from vehicle, lawn mower, or snow blower, cases of improper maintenance (e.g. over lubrication without cleaning chain) and storage.

Selling Cycles on Consignment

  • Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster agrees to actively market and sell cycle on seller’s behalf, within the agreed upon selling price parameters, in exchange for 40% commission without any new cycle purchase or 30% commission with the purchase of any new cycle.
  • Once cycle is sold, seller will receive a check in the mail less the above commission due to Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster.
  • If the cycle does not sell within 90 days, seller will be contacted to discuss a lower price or to pick-up cycle.