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Cycle and accessory specifications, components, and prices are subject to change without notice.

Cycles available in inventory may change with time. If you are interested in a particular cycle, please call ahead to confirm availability to test ride.

Liability Waiver

Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster, from here referred to as RCOL, is released from any and all liability that may arise out of my use of or that is in any way connected with my use of any mechanical device provided to me by RCOL, for the purpose of a test-ride, loan, demonstration or any other purpose. This Waiver and Release shall remain in full force and effect if there are any subsequent use of the equipment regardless of location unless voided or withdrawn by RCOL in writing. The equipment to be used by me is generally referred to as a recumbent bicycle, recumbent trike, or/and bicycle. Operating these cycles is a fun and safe activity as long as appropriate safety procedures, adherence to traffic laws, and use of safety equipment are followed. However, there are certain inherent risks associated with the operation of these cycles which may be ridden on the public streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and paths and thus subject to the involvement with or collision with other operators, motor vehicle traffic, pedestrians, animals, and other hazards either known or unknown. Riders must accept these inherent dangers either known or unknown and certify that they are in good health and have no physical or mental conditions that would endanger others or themselves during the operation the cycle. Operational risks include, but are not limited to, injury, paralysis, and death from collision, failure of equipment, and reliance on others to comply with safe operating practices and traffic laws. Riders should understand these risks and voluntarily assume them. In consideration for the use of the cycle, I, on behalf of me and all those whose entitlement may flow from or through me, voluntarily release and covenant not to sue RCOL or any of its employees or others in anyway associated with RCOL. Wearing a helmet may protect riders from certain injury or diminish the severity of injury. I understand that it is the policy of RCOL to require use of a helmet while using RCOL mechanical devices for the purpose of a test ride, rental, loan, demonstration or any other purpose or function associated with RCOL. Riders agree to abide by RCOL mandatory helmet policy. Parent or guardian may give permission for child or ward under the age of eighteen (18) years to participate in the operation of a cycle supplied by RCOL and agree on behalf of themselves and other guardian of the user to the terms of the Liability Waiver and Release required to be signed prior to test riding.

Photo Release

Visitors, prospects, and customers may be photographed or videoed upon visiting Recumbent Cycles of Lancaster and said images and video may be used in marketing, promotion, and/or training materials. Usage may include, but is not limited to, internet, print, direct mail, publication or broadcast and is not limited by any time duration. These images will not be sold by RCOL. Should visitors, prospects, or customers have any questions, concerns or comments, they should contact RCOL.