We want you to have a great experience when you visit Lancaster Recumbent. Below are a few tips to get the most out of your visit:

THINK ABOUT YOUR NEEDS. Knowing what you want (or don’t want) will help us determine which cycle features and benefits to focus on and help narrow down options for you to test ride. Not sure what you want or need? Think through your answers to the below questions:

    • Where do you want to ride? Neighborhoods with pavement, rail trails with mixed trail media (i.e. crushed stone, cinder), or tougher terrain like mountain trails or sand and snow? Will you ride in mainly flat areas or will you ride places with hills? Answering these questions will help us identify things like tire style/size and gearing.
    • How do you plan on transporting your cycle? Do you have a vehicle, like a SUV or truck, in which you can fit a recumbent trike? If you have a sedan, the depth and trunk lid position typically hinders even a folding trike from fitting. But there are options – you could have a hitch installed and purchase a hitch rack or buy a roof top strap system.
    • Do you have any physical or cognitive conditions that we should take into consideration? Bad knees or back? Pain in your shoulders or wrists? Paralysis on one side? We have a lot of tools at our disposal to help you cycle comfortably and safely. It starts by finding a trike that maximizes your abilities and then leveraging different accessories to fine tune the cycle to your needs.
    • Do you want a cycle with power assist? Cycles with power assist do exactly as their name states – the motor and battery assist you as you pedal. Unlike cycle motors with a throttle where you press a button and go, power assist motors require you to pedal to some degree (even if slow) for the motor to kick-in – so you are still getting the cardiovascular benefit but with a bit of assist when you need it. Majority of motor options are power assist, i.e. Shimano Steps, Bosch, but there are some systems that offer both power assist and throttle, i.e. Bafang. Some systems can be added on later (retrofit) vs. others are only available from the manufacturer at the time of order (OEM, or original equipment manufacturer).
    • Do you have a budget in mind? Most people are shocked to learn how much recumbent cycles cost. Compared to traditional two wheeled cycles, recumbent trikes have more parts (i.e. a third wheel, tire, seat) and larger frames requiring more raw materials like aluminum/ chromoly blend metals, cable lengths, and paint. There’s also a lot of engineering that goes into producing these cycles – from weight distribution to cornering to even optimizing (relatively) smaller volume manufacturing practices. Although the popularity of recumbent cycles continues to grow every year, there’s still a lower economy of scale compared to the huge two wheel market. Having a budget in mind will help us identify cycles in your price range or at least explain and show you what your money can buy so you can determine ‘need to haves’ vs. ‘nice to haves’.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. Finding the right recumbent cycle for you is a process and can take some time. We highly recommend you schedule an appointment for the following reasons:

      • Scheduling an appointment means less waiting time and more quality time with us discussing your needs, reviewing options, and test riding. Spring, summer, and early fall are busy months for biking and it’s not unusual to have multiple people show up at the same time. We’re a small family owned shop and want to make sure we give you the best service.
      • Scheduling an appointment allows us to confirm what we have in-stock available for test ride and purchase (this changes day to day!). Given current market conditions with high consumer demand and supply chain challenges (materials shortages, freight backlogs) nearly all cycle orders are backordered and stretching into next year. By contacting us ahead of your visit we can confirm what’s available as well as what we have on order that hasn’t been reserved yet.

CONTACT US! You can request an appointment via email (info@LancasterRecumbent.com), phone (717-553-5834), or clicking this link.

LOOKING TO FINANCE YOUR RIDE? Apply online to determine if you are approved for a 12 month, 0% interest purchase through Synchrony Financial. You’ll get an instant credit decision and credit limit amount. Click here to learn more and start your application (terms and conditions apply).

DAY OF YOUR VISIT. Set your GPS for 103 W. Market St., Marietta, PA, 17547. Make sure to bring closed toe shoes/ sneakers and dress appropriately (ladies, you might want to skip the skirts that day) if you plan to test ride. Feel free to bring your helmet – we also have helmets available.

DON’T DELAY! Given current market conditions, many cycles are backordered into next year. If you want to increase your chances of having a cycle by next spring/ summer, start the process now!